Everyone likes to hear a friendly human voice on the other end of the phone instead of trying to talk to a robot.

Callers often do not like leaving answer phone messages – they are not sure when or if the message will be picked up, they do not always want to give away any information about themselves unless they have spoken to someone personally and sometimes it may be simply so urgent that they don’t want to waste time leaving a message when they could be calling another number and speaking to someone else who can help them right away. Having a live operator can make a difference to your clients. After all, without them you would have no business.

Take messages

We let callers know you are not available, but that you will get back to them shortly. Our agents collect information such as the caller’s names, numbers, and best times for you to reach them. We send the message to you via email straight away.

Advertising Response

Ready To Answer ensures that all calls are answered in a timely and professional manner. Return missed calls does not work. Most of the caller will not be able to be contacted, perhaps already lost interest, they called your competition or simply not to reply the call.

Warm Messages

If you want to give the caller the option to talk to you directly, we can screen the call and transfer it to you.

Order & Reservation Entry

Our receptionist can take business orders or reservations for you right over the phone.

Schedule Appointments

Let us know what days and times you are available and we will schedule appointments on your behalf.

Provide information to callers

We can inform callers of special features you offer, upcoming events, schedules, hours, directions and other basic information.

Up Selling / Cross Sale

Both techniques can increase sales volume and provide a valuable service to your customers.

Sales Lead Qualification

The performance of your sales lead qualification is very important for the success of your business. It is essential for you to know what campaigns are performing at any given time, so that you are able to alter your approach and improve the performances of your marketing campaign.